About us

Our purpose

Time has come for the recruitment industry to enter the 21st century. This should be done for the benefit of the hiring companies and the job seekers. Cominem leverages the social network technologies we all know and drive them for a higher quality and faster recruitment process.

What we do

Technology is amazing for efficiency improvement. We deliver the best profiles faster than anybody else. But because recruitment is about human affairs, our teams are well trained to select the Members we accept in our network. This upfront selection is the key to provide good quality candidates to hiring companies.

Our passion to help

Indeed we are a tech startup. But everything here is about human aspirations.

For our Members.
Because we have to select so strictly our Members, we get to know them. We are happy to share personalized advice and insights to help them progressing in their careers in a very confidential manner.

For the Companies we are serving.
We are proud to offer such an efficient solution so as recruitment is no longer a concern. We are continuously seeking for the best profiles to fit their requirements.